Casino Square Suite, Hotel de Paris

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May 2019

The Casino Square suite is located on the 3rd floor of the Hotel de Paris overlooking the iconic Casino Square. This exclusive suite has multiple balconies overlooking the iconic Casino Square that allow guests to step out into Casino Square and take in the atmosphere. From here guests can view as the cars race between the Casino, Hotel de Paris and down the hill passing the Cafe de Paris on the way. The interior of the suite is set up for a full buffet luncheon whilst champagne, fine wines, beers and soft drinks are served all day. Guest will also have access to the trackside Garden Terrace of the Hotel de Paris for an alternative 'up-close' view of the cars.

Included with this Race Viewing:
  • Access to the Hotel de Paris and suite for the racing schedule
  • Fine buffet luncheon served in the suite.
  • Champagne, fine wines, beers and soft drinks.
  • Indoor and outdoor screens with F1 track feed.
  • Souvenir lanyards, VIP passes, programmes and exclusive Senate caps.
  • Senate Grand Prix personnel available for the duration of your trip.

Why This Location?

This is a very discreet and exclusive suite in the Hotel de Paris that offers stunning views as the cars race through Casino Square.

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Race Viewing Prices

Saturday 25th May
US$ 1,160 per person
Sunday 26th May
US$ 2,895 per person
Saturday & Sunday
US$ 4,055 per person


Drinks with F1 Legends
US$ 580 per person
Friday evening - Yacht Cocktail Party
US$ 525 per person
Saturday evening - Yacht Cocktail Party
US$ 525 per person


Taxi airport transfer, one way
US$ 140 per journey
Limo airport transfer, one way
US$ 280 per journey
Helicopter airport transfer, return
US$ 410 per journey